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A technical importer is a company that is used to bring goods (cargo) from abroad, without plunging into bureaucratic formalities and the complexity of foreign economic activity, as well as not overpaying distributors. From the point of view of the transaction on legal aspects, it is outsourcing of the purchase, import and customs clearance of imported goods.A technical importer acts as an intermediary, as you already understood, his task is to be a liaison between the three parties to the transaction, a company that wants to buy a foreign product, its seller abroad (import supplier) and the customs service.

Such mediation from the point of view of stages is made out in several steps:
The goods are paid under the contract in foreign currency by the importer;
delivery of goods to customs, customs clearance and further transportation to the consignee is organized;
the intermediary draws up a foreign economic contract with a supplier from abroad;
the recipient company redeems the delivered goods, paying for it in local currency with VAT already in the local country;
the buying company enters into an agency agreement with the technical importer.
The technical import service implies for our clients that they relieve themselves of the worries of technical interaction with the currency control authorities and customs authorities, receive a reduction in the delivery time of goods, customs clearance, and of course, a full guarantee of financial transparency of the entire transaction process.

We will provide you with the whole range of processes for the execution and closing of this trade transaction:

We will carry out customs clearance;
submission of the customs declaration;
loading of goods;
preparation of product description;
logistics services, storage of goods;
we will draw up the necessary documents for the cargo;
passing control;
obtaining the required certificates;
unloading of goods;
passing cargo classification;
cargo insurance;
we will carry out the transportation of the goods;
we will sell the goods to the customer under an internal sales contract with VAT;
we will purchase the goods in the required volume.

Services for the organization of imports are significantly lower than the trade margins of wholesale companies supplying products for further sale.
We carry out technical import operations with different cargo volumes. You can clarify all the details by contacting our company in any convenient way.Many of our clients use our capabilities as a logistics operator for technical import, because this allows you to significantly save resources and time to complete a transaction from the beginning until the moment the goods are freely sold on the market.
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