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International settlements.
We provide the opportunity to transfer in foreign currency to any country in the world (USD, EUR, RMB, CNY), etc. Transfers in foreign currency are made by the bank through a network of accounts with correspondent banks in Germany (FRG) , China (China), the United States and other countries.
Documentary operations and trade financing.
The Bank of PSCB conducts a full range of operations on documentary letters of credit in accordance with international and Russian practice, including non-standard and complex structured accounts using a letter of credit as a trade finance tool, which allows short-term financing of foreign trade transactions for our customers, funds of foreign financial institutions.
Bank guarantees.
The Bank of PSCB issues various types of guarantees and stand-by letters of credit, including guarantees that ensure proper execution of contracts, guarantees for securing payment, guarantees for the benefit of customs authorities, tender guarantees, loan repayment guarantees, and other types of guarantee obligations.
Also, the Bank of PSCB conducts operations with guarantees of other banks: advises in favor of the beneficiaries; at the request of customers, checks the signatures on the guarantees of other banks and sends to the guarantor banks the payment requirements for the guarantees of these banks.
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