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Shandong Huayi Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. of China's hydraulic industry specializing in the development, manufacture, sale of hydraulic products of the modern enterprise. Headquartered in Shandong Province will be beautiful Springs Jinan. Since its inception, the company has been active in the field of hydraulic industry and related products at home and abroad, committed to providing high-quality and competitive products and services for the mechanical transmission industry.
My company three major advantages
First, the advanced equipment technology innovation model
Second, focus on hydraulic products rich and widely used
Third, quality assurance credibility supremacy lifetime sales
At present, the main products of the company are: series of piston pump maintenance, such as Sauer, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Daikin, Eaton and Linde, variable piston pump / plunger motor, various hydraulic pump parts, hydraulic comprehensive test bench, Dedicated maintenance test bench, portable smart pressure calibrator, hydraulic pump hydraulic system testing and maintenance and repair. Products are widely used in construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, rubber machinery, shoe machinery, die-casting machinery, metallurgical machinery, metal cutting machine tools and other types of hydraulic systems. The company has a large number of domestic concrete mixer truck manufacturer supporting piston pump (Sauer 20 series piston pump) and plunger motor. On the ship hydraulic system (anchor winch, hatch hydraulic, steering gear, cranes, etc.) to provide on-site inspection, troubleshooting, quality spare parts supply, maintenance and a series of services. My company has experienced repair team, equipped with professional hydraulic pump and motor testing laboratory equipment. We have high-quality spare parts suppliers, in a timely manner to provide high-quality, quality service.
Lines of business: manufacturing and sales: hydraulic test bed; all kinds of open and close piston pump, motor assembly; imported and domestic pump parts and other system services: hydraulic system fault diagnosis; engineering machinery, engineering and marine industries Hydraulic equipment and other systems overhaul Professional maintenance: engineering machinery piston pump, motor; inclined axis pump series; Sauer PV20, 90-shaft piston pump series; Germany Rexroth A10V, A4V, A11V piston pump series; Kawasaki Japan K3V, NV plunger pump series; Hitachi series; Carter series; Youyan A37-A140 series; Vickers Bosch PVB series; Eaton series.
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