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Founded in 2014, Guangxi Fangkuo Boiler Sales Co., Ltd. specializes in sales, installation, service, fittings, technical consultation and contract energy management of natural gas boilers. It specializes in the sales of Fang Boiler Group in Guangxi and most parts of Guangdong , After-sales service and other work. FANG Bo boast more than 40 independent intellectual property rights, with the leading domestic cleaner fuel boiler manufacturing technology, and Xi'an Jiaotong University jointly set up a clean boiler production and research cooperation base. China Industrial Boiler Association statistics show that the fast side of the country's production and marketing of clean fuel boilers No. 1. The company is the only one in China with a clean fuel boiler performance testing research center of enterprises, square boiler thermal efficiency up to 104%, the country has been included in the special equipment energy-saving directory. The company pioneered the development of the boiler remote monitoring system that can monitor the global user boiler operation in real time to ensure that the user's boiler always maintain optimal operating conditions. At present, the company owns five subsidiary companies, such as Shanghai Fangkui Boiler, Anyang Fangkuai Boiler and Henan Fangkuai Boiler Installation Co., Ltd., one R & D center and two manufacturing plants with a plant area of ​​60,000 square meters. It is the largest producer of clean combustion boilers in China base. The company has five sales offices and two offices and has exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Guam, Russia, India, North Korea, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, South Africa, Hong Kong and Macao. Guangxi fast boiler sales company located in Nanning, Guangxi Province, more than 30 employees, including five senior engineers, more than 90 percent of technical staff have more than 5 years of technical service experience. The company has marketing department, technology development department, engineering department, after-sales service department and other specialized departments, with strong economic, technical strength and sound management system; companies to provide users with the best equipment, the best system and perfect after-sale Service, make investment province, reasonable technology, advanced equipment, high degree of automation, in order to repay the majority of users of our work support and trust. Nanning company as the center, in various cities in Guangxi and Foshan, Guangdong, Zhaoqing and other cities with sales and service network. With years of accumulated advanced technology, excellent equipment, extensive sales network and talent and management advantages, the company is unique in this industry and has gradually become the region's natural gas boiler technology development and application of leading enterprises. Since the establishment of the company, nearly a hundred projects have been completed and under construction across the region. Rice flour industry: Xin grain food group company, Xinxin Food Co., Ltd., Sanpin Wang company, a fresh rice company and so almost monopoly all rice noodle processing industry. Medical industry: constant medicine, strategic medicine, Wanshou Tang Pharmaceutical. Washing industry: Kyrgyzstan washing, white washing, Marriott Hotel. Other service industries: southeast slaughtering market, Wu Wei Airport, Wuzhou Camel Battery, Liuzhou Wuling Group. One constant pharmaceutical used two of my company 20T condensing gas steam boiler, a fast boiler in Guangxi, a single tonnage larger condensate boiler; Liuzhou Wuling using my company 19 Taiwan 6T condensing boiler, a fast in Guangxi area Within the big user. Other areas in the area there are a number of exemplary projects, the company's product performance and service attitude has won the praise of users and a good market reputation. In order to adapt to the development of the market, the company closely follows the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and launched a number of energy conservation service projects such as the contract management of energy in the boiler and the hosting of the boiler room and the renovation of the combustion technology, and has received good energy-saving results in actual use. Guangxi side fast has always been "people-oriented" and "to prepare Germany", a dedicated, never betray, professional and loyal service team will be more convenient and efficient assistance to solve your boiler problems; keep "people-oriented, honest and dedicated, win-win Future "company philosophy, and strive to technology, quality, service, management and other aspects of the industry to become a model!
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