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For users to find tape, tape home. Shenzhen Mayor Wang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to a variety of adhesive products development and sales. Now for the enterprise to solve most of the sticky problems. And according to the requirements of enterprises for production, die-cutting, foam materials, cushioning materials, sound-absorbing materials, EMI shielding materials, insulation materials, such as precision fire-resistant die-related products.

Professional development of materials related to science and technology, research and development production: gold finger tape, Teflon tape, double-sided tape, conductive tape, anti-static tape, shading tape, PET double-sided tape, wired leather tape, Mara tape, Tape, acetate cloth tape, glass fiber tape, green tape, retaining wall tape, high temperature masking tape, copper / aluminum foil tape, and other special tape. And special distribution 3M tape, TESA Tesa tape, SONY Sony tape, NITTO Nitto adhesive tape, TERAOKA Temple Kong tape, SEKISUI water tape, Hi-BON Hitachi, DIC Japan, SLIONTEC lion Li Ang, TACONIC Korea, DAEHYUN ST large Yin, four-dimensional, and other well-known international brands to establish a close working relationship.

And professional processing: Chong / Beijiao, die-cutting / composite, Chong-type 3M, Sony (SONY), Nitto (NITTO), TESA (TESA) and other imported double-sided tape and domestic tape, Valet points According to customer demand for the development of mold stamping into different shapes and specifications, widely used in the electronics industry, mobile phones, computers, Ming version, household appliances, various accessories, IT, clothing and other industries. Professional team and supporting the production environment to quality and quantity to complete all production orders and to meet the sample production requirements. We will continue adhering to the "quality comes first, low prices, sincere service, the pursuit of excellence" purposes
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