Suzhou Machine Tool recycling second-hand machine recovery Suzhou old machine recovery

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Suzhou Machine Recycling Center Suzhou recovery of machine tools Suzhou Machine Recycling 15962125829 Zheng Yu large factory out of equipment recovery Suzhou Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a country-oriented, for many years engaged in second-hand machine tools (lathe / milling machine / planer / grinder / boring machine / slotting / punch / hobbing machine / Gear / gear shaper / shaving machine / planer / gantry milling / hydraulic machine / shears / bending machines / welding machine, etc.) and various tools / tungsten steel / high-speed steel and other transactions of professional firms; The Company is Your idle equipment to provide on-site assessment, in order to higher than the market price of cash recovery; And for you to find you ...

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