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Boilers and boiler equipment

Hefei Haichuan Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional petrochemical equipment design, manufacture, installation of the enterprise. The main pressure vessel products include heat exchangers, reaction vessels, separation vessels, towers and more. The company is located in Hefei New Station Comprehensive Development Zone, south of Hefei Railway Station, north Ring high-speed, convenient traffic. Company's existing plant area of ​​20,000 square meters, including mechanical processing workshops, special materials workshop, medium-sized container workshop and heavy container workshop, including heavy-duty container workshop single device manufacturing capacity of 200 tons. The main production equipment equipped with automatic welding equipment, plate molding equipment, large legislation cars, radial drilling machines, large heat treatment furnace. The company has AQSIQ issued a pressure vessel design, A1, A2 manufacturing license. Since its establishment, the company has rapidly expanded its production capacity and technical level. Its customers are located in more than 20 provinces and cities all over the country and some of the equipment is exported to South Korea and Italy. Customers involved in petroleum, coal chemical industry, chemical industry, chemical fertilizers, fine chemicals and other fields. Companies with a number of well-known chemical design institute has established close cooperative relations and jointly developed several sets of high-tech products, such as efficient methanol equipment, carbon dioxide complete sets of equipment, titanium reactor, magnetic reactor, membrane evaporator. Haichuan is a vibrant and dynamic enterprise, the company according to modern business management concepts, established a standardized and efficient management system, the implementation of humane management, to ensure the healthy and rapid development. Company goal to become "customer appreciation, social appreciation, staff appreciation," outstanding enterprises.

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