I trade in the global market in the world - the foreign exchange market
from 100 000.00 $
Currency exchange operations

Good day, dear participants of this investment. of the project! I can offer an opportunity to invest in my ManhaTTan Club trading system - _https: //www.myfxbook.com/members/Diamond777/manhattan-club/3191153 System in brief: the system is based on technical analysis + manual filter for fundamental analysis. More than 2 years on a real account that you can see on a fully verified account on myfxbook. The system is conservative, given the low drawdown on the account.The potential profit is up to 200% per annum with good risks (considering the current dd). At the moment, the profit is more than 800% in 125 weeks. If you are interested in my offer, you can contact me by mail, which you will find in myfxbook profile! All the best.

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