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Highly qualified specialist in foreign exchange control with 16-year comprehensive experience in the field of currency control (customs, bank, major companies - participants in foreign trade activities), regularly participating in seminars of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with the aim of updating knowledge,
currency legislation, renders remotely the following services in the field of currency control: 1) drawing up any types of foreign trade contracts (contracts) and additional agreements (applications, specifications, etc.) to them, including bilingual (Russian-English text) , as well as examination and adjustment of the terms of the drafts of such contracts for observance of currency legislation and consideration of all the nuances of subsequent currency control by agents and currency control bodies; 2) advising of any complexity on the currency legislation and acts of the bodies of currency regulation, on issues of currency control, on issues of administrative liability, provided for violations of the requirements of currency legislation and acts of currency regulation bodies; 3) registration of accounting and reporting forms for currency transactions, any other documents required for the purpose of currency control - for their subsequent submission to authorized banks; 4) help in the correct acquisition of documents,
demanded by currency control agents, currency control bodies in the framework of their inspections of observance by foreign exchange market participants of the requirements of foreign exchange
legislation and acts of bodies of currency regulation, as well as in the formulation of relevant cover letters and
necessary explanations; 5) methodical recommendations on the organization of measures aimed at preventing violations of currency legislation and acts of currency regulation bodies.
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