Automation of document circulation of currency control on 1C programs

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RayCon ® Foreign Trade
The program is designed to automate foreign trade companies and provides document circulation of currency control - the formation of all necessary forms of accounting and reporting on currency transactions in accordance with the current currency legislation of the Russian Federation, document circulation of currency payments in accordance with international standards.
The program is developed on the "1C: Enterprise 8" platform as an additional subsystem to typical configurations with an interface on managed forms:
1C: Accounting TRAC ver.3
1C: Accounting CORP ver.3
1C: Accounting CORP IFRS ver.3
1C: Enterprise Management (ERP) ver.2
1C: Trade Management v.11
1C: Management of Holding v.1
1C: Holding Management ver.3
and also to other configurations created on the basis of typical ones.
The program is intended for Russian companies engaged in foreign economic activities, and for foreign companies operating in Russia.
Based on the banking, income and shipping documents entered into the program database "1C: Enterprise 8", the following documents of currency control are formed:
Application for registration of the contract (until 01.03.2018 - Passport of the transaction under the contract)
Application for registration of a loan agreement (until 01.03.2018 - Passport of a transaction under a loan agreement)
Information on the codes of transaction types (before 01.03.2018 - Statement on currency transactions)
Certificate of supporting documents
Application for re-registration of the contract (credit agreement)
Application for the provision of a bank control sheet under a contract (loan agreement)
Application for the de-registration of a contract (loan agreement)

The program supports work with multilateral and framework contracts.

The countdown timer for days left until the deadline for submission of currency control documents, as well as various control checks allow importers and exporters to minimize the risks of paying fines in accordance with clause 6 of Article 15.25 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. The amount of such fines can be up to 600 thousand rubles for legal entities, and up to 40 thousand rubles - for officials.

The program has a warning control for the following parameters:
Date of submission of the currency control document
Excess of the amount of the contract (loan agreement)
Excess of the limit amount of 6 million rubles for the export contract
Excess of the limit amount of 3 million rubles for the import contract
Excess of the limit amount of 3 million rubles for a loan agreement
Exceeding the expiry date of the contract (loan agreement)
Exceeding the maximum date of the expected repayment term of the non-resident's advance debt under the contract (loan agreement)
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