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Land-3027 sq. M. The total area of the main 2-fl. buildings 1024.6 sq.m. The first floor of the administrative building is 480.8 sq.m., of which the warehouse is 194.7 sq.m., office space is 286 sq.m. The second floor is 543.8 sq.m. in which are located office space of 460 square meters. m. The area of separate warehouses is 442.5 sq. m. In addition to the territory of the object, the following premises and buildings are also located: Liter M - a two-story room with a total area of 90.5 sq. M.of which 54.6 sq.m. It is a warehouse located on the first floor and office space on the second floor. Liter O is a non-capital building with an area of 57.5 sq. M. Liter G is a two-story room with a total area of 167.1 sq.m. on the first floor there is a warehouse of 84 sq.m., on the second floor office premises of 83.1 sq.m. Letter G1 - non-capital structure of pl. 61.1 sq.m. Warehouse C - non-capital structure of the total area 176 sq.m.Letter G - used as a walk-through on the territory of the object with a total area 13sq.m. Tel. + 7-989-758-26-24.

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