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Looking for investment partner fo Agro Trade activities like Rice, Sugar, Wheat and in Construction

We want to trade Sugar, Wheat, Rice and other agro products along with its overseas production...

from 10000000.00 $
New Delhi

Manufacturing and installation of metal structures.

Manufacturing and installation of metal structures.

from 5000 ₽

Electric installation work

We carry out the whole range of electrical work.

from 500 ₽

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Stanislav Ten
President Group of companies “Kontinent”
This is a musthave platform! Economies cannot breath without export, will be happy to find useful contacts here.
Andrey Prohorovich
CEO “Eurasia Development” and “Dodo Pizza China
Right networking is crucial for international cooperation. This platform is tool we have been waiting for!
Anatoly Popov
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, PJSC Sberbank
We are excited to have this platform to help entrepreneurs to easily enter the global trade market
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