Rules of the BBP platform (website:

Redaction №21 from 10.12.2021

General Provisions

1.1. The website ( is a set of web pages posted on the Internet and united by the single addressing domain space The home page of the Website, through which all other web pages of the Website are accessed to, is available on the Internet at You can also access the Website through online banking system.

The Website serves as a platform for interaction between Users. Registration on the Website is available via: email, Sberbank ID, SberBusiness ID or a social network (Vkontakte or Facebook) or Google account.

1.1.1. All the terms used in the text of these Rules and beginning with a capital letter are defined in text of the Agreement for Usage of Materials and Content of the Website, or in this text of the Rules.
Spam is the bulk mail-out of correspondence of advertising or other nature to persons who did not express their desire to receive it.
Moderator is a user who has extended privileges compared to ordinary users.
Offer is an advertisement of sale of goods or service.
Request is an advertisement of buying or searching for goods or service.

1.2. Every User is allowed to have one account only. The Website Administration reserves the right to block duplicate Accounts and / or Accounts that violate the rules of the BBP Service.

1.3. During registration at the Website a User chooses a login available for all visitors of the website. The login may contain only Arabic numerals, Latin letters and the underscore sign “_”. In case of detection of offensive logins or logins not in compliance with the rules for logins, the Website Administration reserves the right to require the participant to change the login or block the account for the violation of rules.

1.4. The User, confirming the registration on the Website, agrees that he/she is fully responsible for the texts used and placed by him, illustrations, videos, other information, etc.

1.4.1.In case of claims to the Administration of the Website in connection with violations of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties arising from the use and / or placement by the User of their Content, the User undertakes to reimburse all possible costs or damages suffered by the Website Administration, including the lost profit.

1.5. The Website administration also has the right to block the participant’s account temporarily or permanently if there are grounds for considering the account hacked, sending out spam or engaged in other suspicious activity going against the Website rules, provisions of the Agreement and / or current legislation.

1.6. The main objective of the Website is to act as a platform for the exchange of Offers/Requests between Users. Each Offer/Request listed on the website may envisage any amount of work that is proposed to be executed for a specified amount of money. For the users convenience all Offers/Requests are divided into categories and sub-categories.

1.6.1. Users independently determine the order of rendering services, the cost, terms, procedure for accepting Offers/Requests, the procedure for payment, guarantees, the procedure for concluding an agreement between users, the terms of such an agreement, etc. conditions.

1.6.2. Offers/Requests which are posted on the Website, are provided directly by Users, and not by the Website Administration.

1.7. Offers/Requests are posted on the Website for free.

1.8. Website users undertake not to disclose information received from the Website Administration and / or other Users. As an exception, the User may indicate on the third-party sites and resources the amount of his/her earnings received through the use of the Website, links to his/her own Offers/Requests (and the results of their implementation, including reviews) and other circumstances of interaction within the ВВР service.

1.8.1 The User undertakes not to publish personal correspondence with other Users, which he maintains on the Site, without consent of the respective Users.

1.9. All Site Users can act as the Customer and / or the Contractor.

1.9.1. The Contractor is a Site User who has placed at least one open Offer in accordance with the service rules.

1.9.2. The Customer is a Site User who ordered at least one service from registered Contractors. Selection, ordering and payment, control over the performance of services are performed by the Customer independently.

1.10. It is forbidden to post on the Website the following:

1.10.1. Materials containing threats and insults, falsely discrediting others, violating the right to privacy, which are obscene; violating the honor and dignity, the rights and legally protected interests of others; Encouraging or containing calls for incitement of religious, racial or ethnic hatred, containing attempts to incite hatred or calls for violence, as well as calls for the overthrow of power, any materials that violate existing legislation, including copyright. Prohibited: obscene language and statements addressed to Users or the Administration of the Site, other insults of participants, false materials and information, obviously worsening the reputation of the Site.

1.10.2. Offers/Requests containing goods and services that are forbidden to post on the Website. The list of the goods and services forbidden to post on the Website is provided in Appendix 1.

1.11. The BBP service is the tool which provides Users with opportunity to place Offers/Requests concerning Goods/Services, sale and/or acquisition of which are allowed by the legislation of the Russian Federation and these rules. The Administration doesn't carry out continuous check and monitoring of the Offers/Requests placed by Users and disclaims all liability for quality, safety, legality and compliance of Goods to its description as well as a possibility of the Seller to sell/render and/or the Buyer to get/pay any given Goods/Service. The Administration also disclaims all liability for the content of information provided by Users including the content of Offers/Requests, usage of trademarks, logos of the third parties by the Users and conditions of the proposal of the Seller.

1.12. The administration hereby notifies the User that the Administration is not always checks information posted by Users on the Website. Some of the data contained in Offers/Requests can seem or be offensive, dangerous, inexact, wrong, obviously false or misleading. Users have to be careful, to carry out their own assessment of risks, without relying only on information posted on the Website by other Users and to show due discretion when using such information. User has to take into account that his contractor can represent oneself falsely to be another person, to be a minor, to place the distorted information, not to observe the principle of conscientiousness, etc. If User still chooses to use the Website, the User thereby realizes and accepts all possible risks as well as notified and agrees that the Administration doesn't bear responsibility for any actions (or inaction) from other Users.

1.13. The Administration reserves the right to remove any materials, Content, publications and information that are not true and/or contrary to applicable law, morality, the provisions of the Agreement and the Rules of the BBP Service.

Rights and obligations, terms of interaction between the Contractor and the Customer

2.1. The Contractor/Customer creates and places Offers/Requests in the personal account, filling necessary elements to the fullest extent.

2.2. Every Offer/Request undergoes obligatory moderation and is ready for order only after being approved by the Website moderator. The moderator has the right to return Offer/Request to the Contractor specifying the violations of the rules of BBP Service, which must be corrected within seven days, otherwise it is possible to completely remove Offer/Request from the Site. Offers/Requests known to be contradictory to the current legislation shall be deleted by the moderator, without any discussion with the User.

2.3. The scope and volume of works within Offer/Request as well as its final price are determined solely by the User, who bears full responsibility to the Customer/Contractor for the proper rendering of the service. Engagement of third parties in rendering the Offer/Request is only possible upon notifying the Customer/Contractor and obtaining its consent.

2.4. The User has a right to temporarily suspend the listing of its Offer/Request on the website (for example, in order to properly render services already ordered, or due to being temporarily unable to execute orders). In a year from putting the Offer/Request on hold the Website Administration can offer the User to update the Offer/Request and display it in public access again or delete it permanently.

2.5. The User independently selects the Offer/Request from the list at the Website, communicates with the Contractor/Customer, pays for the Offer/Request, as well as sends all the information needed by the Contractor/Customer to perform the service properly and in full.

2.6. In order to begin cooperation with the User it is necessary to study the description of Offer/Request and to press the Write button.

Financial terms and conditions

3.1. It is the sole responsibility of the parties to agree on the acceptable method and terms of payment for the Offer/Request, without any involvement of the Website Administration.

Responsibilities of the parties and settlement of disputes

4.1. The Website Administration does not control the information, services and products available or offered via the Internet. As a result, the Users accept the condition that all goods, information and services offered or available through the Website or on the Internet are provided by third parties that are in no way connected with the Website Administration. Users take full responsibility and risks associated with the use of the Website and the Internet.

4.2. All disputes between Users related to the performance of obligations taken and / or the provision / rendering of services are settled by Users independently, without involvement of the Site Administration, and are governed exclusively by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 

4.3. The Website Administration is not responsible for failure to render or for improper rendering of any Offer/Request which was posted on the Website, as well as for the obligations taken by Users in the framework of such services.

Personal data

5.1. The rules for processing of personal data are specified in the Privacy Policy of Personal Data and the Agreement for Usage of Materials and Content of the Website, as well as in the Policy of Processing Personal Data in Sberbank No. 3324 dated April 29, 2014. These documents are published on the website These documents are published on the website Rules and terms of interaction between the Users are published on the Website at and may be amended without any special notice to Customers. The changes take effect from the moment the new version is published on the Website.

Appendix 1. The list of the goods and services forbidden to post on the Website 

1. Arms and ammunition, military hardware and spare parts, components and devices, explosives, blasting agents, all types of rocket fuel and special materials and special equipment for its production, special equipment of the militarized organizations and the specifications and technical documentation on their production and operation.
2. Launch vehicles, military grade communication and management systems and the specifications and technical documentation on their production and operation.
3. Chemical warfare agents, means of protection from them and the specifications and technical documentation on their production and operation.
4. Results of research and project works as well as fundamental research works on creation of arms and military equipment.
5. The services, works and materials connected with implementation of military service and the militarized activity.
6. Any weapon, including hunting, civil and other, and its components, knives (except for kitchen, collapsible and utility).
7. Radioactive materials and isotopes, uranium and other fissionable substances and articles made therefrom.
8. Radioactive wastes.
9. Precious and rare-earth metals, gemstones and the wastes containing precious and rare-earth metals and gemstones.
10. The x-ray equipment, devices and the equipment using the radioactive substances and isotopes.
11. Poisons, drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors.
12. Ethanol, alcoholic beverages.
13. Ethanol-based medicines and balms.
14. The drug raw materials received from the northern reindeer breeding (antlers of young Siberian stag and endocrine raw materials).
15. Tobacco products.
16. Cryptographic machinery, cryptographic data protection tools and the specifications and technical documentation on their production and operation.
17. Counterfeit bills and coins.
18. The foreign currency and other currency values, current coins and banknotes of the Russian Federation.
19. The radio-electronic and special technical means intended for secret obtaining information as well as the high-frequency devices consisting of one or several radio-transmitting devices and (or) their combinations and the service equipment intended for transferring and reception of radio waves at a frequency over 8 GHz.
20. The materials and services in violation with personal and family privacy, encroaching on honor, dignityand business reputation of citizens and legal entities and containing the state, bank, commercial and other secrets.
21. Government awards of the Russian Federation, RSFSR, USSR and their copies.
22 The state identity cards, signs, admissions, permissions, certificates, travel documents and licenses and other documents granting the rights or exempting from rights/duties, forms for these documents and services in their receiving.
23. Objects of cultural heritage of the people of the Russian Federation and archaeological heritage objects.
24. Human organs and tissues and donor services.
25 The animals and plants included in the Red List of the Russian Federation and the Red Lists federal entities of the Russia Federation, parts and bodies of the animals included in the Red List of the Russian Federation and the Red Lists of federal entities of the Russia Federation and the animals and plants protected by international treaties of the Russian Federation.
26. Skins and articles made from skins of the rare and endangered animal species according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
27 Fishing nets, materials and services in their production, electric-powered fishing rods and traps forbidden to sale within the Russian Federation.
28. The extremist materials, materials calling for mass riots, implementation of terrorist activity and extremist activity, for participation in mass public actions, stirring of ethnic and interfaith strife.
29. Objects with Nazi symbolic or symbolic of forbidden in the Russian Federation organizations.
30. Counterfeit or stolen production or property.
31. The databases including containing personal data that can promote unauthorized mailings.
32. The materials transferred exclusively virtually which aren't recorded on any material carrier (the ideas, methods, the principles, etc.).
33. The gaming equipment used for carrying out of gambling, the lottery equipment, rendering services in reception of rates for participation in gambling in the Internet, acceptance of payments for the lottery tickets, receipts and other documents certifying the right for participation in a lottery as well as sale of virtual currency, etc.
34. Documents on vehicles, state numbers on vehicles.
35. Goods trade of which violates the intellectual rights of the third parties (including patents, trademarks, copyright, etc.).
36. Services of the organizations which are engaged in recovery of past due amounts (the debt collection agencies).
37. Investment, financial services and goods and services, acquisition/use of which is guaranteed to provide earnings and profit.
38. The goods and services realized by the organization of multilevel network marketing which activity is based on creation of network of independent distributors (marketing agents).
39. Services and/or work of intimate/erotic/sexual nature as well as pornographic/erotic materials.
40. Goods/services that use can be directed to violation of current legislation of the Russian Federation.
41. Nonexistent goods or services and also the goods/services that don't have consumer value.
42. Transcendental services and services of nonconventional medicine, BADS.
43. Services in replacement of the license software or violation of operation of the means of technical protection installed by the copyright holder on smartphones, laptops, navigators, personal computers and so forth.
44. Injectable drugs and solutions as well as substances applied to their production.
45. The services, works and materials connected with operation of occult organizations and cults.
46. The goods and services provided by the companies in a form of the organization of financial pyramids.
47. Antiques.
48. Other goods and services prohibited by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The present list has been present in generality and can be changed by Administration.

Before the publication of Offer/Request please make sure that goods or service are allowed to be posted on Besides, the User needs to make sure that sale of these goods or service is allowed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The Administration of the Website disclaims all liability for placement of Offers/Requests for trade in the goods forbidden by the Legislation of the Russian Federation and/or about rendering the corresponding forbidden services.

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