Counterparty verification

Online service for verification of potential business partners. Protect yourself by checking, whether the company really exists, as well as assess the financial stability of a business partner and decide whether to cooperate with this partner or not. How to verify a counterparty?
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How to verify a counterparty?
Our service will help you reduce the risks of a future transaction and identify an untrustworthy company at the earliest stage of cooperation. If a significant transaction or delivery is at stake, we advise you to order a deep and more detailed analysis. If it is a question of a one-time inexpensive service or purchase, then a free check will be quite enough.
The service does not give 100% guarantee, but will help you decide to cooperate with this counterparty or not.
Online free service for comprehensive verification of the counterparty for participants of foreign economic activity. With the help of our service you can check the basic information of legal entity or individual entrepreneur. All data is taken from the current official sources and is updated as new information becomes available. Online service works 24 hours and is available from anywhere in the world. Bankofpartners is a free platform for foreign trade participants. On our platform you can promote your products or services and search for business partners around the world. Analysis of the international market and counterparty verification. Convenient search of suppliers, qualified professionals, outsourcing and consulting agencies, logisticians and translators.
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