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WE OFFER THEIR SERVICES IN CHINA: - shipping from China to Russia; - purchase of goods from taobao.com, alibaba.com and other trading platforms; - search for wholesale manufacturers; - visiting factories and exhibitions; - collection of catalogs at exhibitions; - search for suppliers and manufacturers of various products; - purchase from the factory; - check the quality of the goods. Business trips in China are possible. LOCATED DIRECTLY IN CHINA IN SHENZHEN. Search and purchase of such items as: Computer equipment (processors, motherboards, video cards, power supplies, etc.) Antminer and all for mining. Phones and all accessories. All this and not only you can find here at the right price.

Transaction support
supplier search
Organization of wholesale sales in Russia for manufacturers. Generation of applications for wholesale purchases from retailers, small and large wholesalers, distributors, stores, restaurants and hotels.
search for suppliers with the lowest price
interpersonal business communication skills, ability to organize work, plan, make decisions, attention to various nuances and details, the ability to analyze problems, effectively look for solutions, the ability to be flexible, management skills
search for factories and plants
Purchases in China
Agreement negotiation
Search for goods in China
Ability to organize and participate in international exhibitions
Organization of cargo delivery from China to Russia
Organization of cargo delivery from Russia to China
The ability to draw up, translate, enter into international agreements
Ability to explore new overseas markets to promote products
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