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Our company produces innovative biological products. Universal growth factor for plants, potassium humate, concentrate 7% - "TERRA 7". Universal feed additive for farm animals and birds, sodium humate - "TERRA". They contain a complex of humic and fulvic acids - an element of the annual technology of agricultural biologization! IT Ability to achieve the best indicators of the health of farm animals and birds and make the final product more organic!

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The drug is non-toxic, harmless to humans, animals and birds, has no allergic, anaphylactogenic...
from 6.06 $
1. TERRA 7 - contains salts of humic acids 70 g / l, fulvic acid (isolated fraction of humic su...
from 5.00 $
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28 June 2018
We are looking for partners-exporters of goods for agriculture
from 4.55 $