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Esmi LLC sells and grows vegetables, fruits, melons, gourds, root crops and tubers, mushrooms and truffles, various crops: oats, red and green lentils, wheat, rye, safflower, buckwheat, peas, rice, white mustard. We are participating in a joint project with a Polish company for laying an apple orchard (intensive technology) and the construction of a warehouse for storing apples with a gas medium of 2,000 tons in the Smolensk region.We have an investment site, a land plot of 50 hectares for investment in crop production, construction of agricultural enterprises, warehouses, housing for scientists, farmers and specialists c. We have gas station partners under the E100 franchise on the 383rd km of the M1 motorway, Phoenix Motel. Round-the-clock paid guarded parking for trucks, buses, special equipment. Our activities are carried out in the city of Smolensk. Esmi LLC also works in 27 more directions.Now we are considering an industry partnership with colleagues from other countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bashkiria, Moldova, where sheep husbandry is developed to create a joint venture in the Smolensk region. Russia - the Phoenix industrial zone for processing coarse sheep wool into insulation for frame, capital housing construction and heating mains, as well as crown insulation with the sale of finished products, both to raw materials countries, as well as to Russia and for export.If desired, it is possible to arrange processing of semi-fine, thin, other types of sheep wool, as the Italians have already done in Kazakhstan.A large investor, a business partner, preferably from Japan, is needed: to create a joint venture in Russia to process sheep’s wool, purchase equipment, introduce alternative energy sources - solar, wind, gas, biogas power plants and construction of micro-villages in rural areas in accordance with the Japan Bank program for international cooperation.We also have plans to develop and expand the already established production of modern domestic all-terrain vehicles of wheelchairs for completely immobilized citizens who can control them by turning the chin, breathing, etc. (without arms and legs) with the ramps necessary for the movement of this special vehicle installed in the place of residence, in public places, cars, buses, minibuses.We organize deliveries of elite, environmentally friendly products from the manufacturer to both the Russian and the international HORECA segment: cheeses made from alpine goat milk, etc., meat and ostrich eggs, natural apple cider of domestic production, freshly chilled king prawns, crayfish, seafood , chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey.For food producers from Russia and far abroad, CIS countries, we organize a system for paying for the goods delivered by you to the distribution network upon unloading at the warehouse for a fee (factoring). Individual approach. Through the companies, partners organize customs clearance, storage, protection of goods for their further export: seaports, railways, road transport, aeroflot and customs clearance of goods that arrived in Russia from other countries.It is possible to organize the production of flexitanks for transporting liquid goods: vegetable, rapeseed, olive oil, concentrated juices, vodka, beer, syrups, fertilizers in containers, etc., eurocubes (for transporting bitumen by rail), inserts in wagons and gondola cars for transportation of bulk cargo, including grain. We are able to organize the transshipment of liquid cargo from railway tanks to flexitanks installed in sea containers.Sewing of special big bags of 10-12 tons with slings is possible, for instant unloading of grain from the car with a crane, as it is widely used in China and Kazakhstan. We can supply oil products: industrial oils, diesel fuel, road bitumen, lumber, metal products - for export, purchasing them on the Russian stock exchange. We can supply raw materials for export DIN51605 (processed rapeseed oil) for the production of biodiesel directly from Russian plants by railway and tank trucks.

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