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OBOZ We are a Russian logistics company, sharpened exclusively for large corporate business. Our main advantage is that we carry out IT integration with the ERP systems of our clients and completely digitize all the processes associated with transportation in all types of areas (automatic receipt of orders, status updates, electronic document management, reporting system, tracking).For each client, we prepare our system individually, starting to work according to the classical scheme, as forwarders, and then after collecting the necessary statistics on shipments and taking into account all the features of your shipments, we are preparing our digital platform for your company. That is, in fact, this is Uber only in the classical transport industry logistics. Besides:1) Wide geography of presence - the headquarters in Moscow, the operational office in St. Petersburg, its representatives in Vladivostok, we are represented directly on the borders. 2) A very strong team in operational management in all areas, both in multimodal and land transport: the most experienced employees of GEFCO, Küehne + Nagel International AG. 3) Direct contracts with lines, accredited representatives in China, its very powerful platform aggregator for road carriers.Our client pool includes NESTLE, POLARIS, HAIER, Children's World, Malone Fashion Group, YOURS, SPORTMASTER - we can provide a reference list. 4) We are members of the WCA (World Cargo Alliance) - the largest network of freight forwarding companies, which is an additional confirmation of high standards 5) Liability insurance for 25 million rubles. for each insured event. (15 million Transkord) 6) The turnover of our company is more than 1.5 billion rubles / year7) For the Fashion industry we have our own warehouses in China (Guangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Shengzhen, Beijing), as well as in Europe (Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden and other countries upon request), warehouses A and B of class WMS systems that can offer the following types of services: Sealing pallets with branded adhesive tape л Winding pallets with stretch film  Modern fire alarm and fire extinguishing system  Pallet, floor, small-cell, targeted storage Frontal racking equipment - 6 levels лог Integrated logistics with EAC marking оскор High-speed Internet in all warehouses при Sprinkler (irrigation) fire extinguishing system that is configured to protect cargo and water from fire during fire  Packaging, repacking, sorting goods (if necessary) The company "OBZH" provides services for the following services: International transport: 1) International FTL / LTL 2) International Avia3) International FCL / LCL (multimodal container transportation by Deep Sea / Short Sea) 4) International Rail FCL / LCL Domestic transportation: 1) Express and Economy Delivery within Russia 2) Domestic container transportation 3) Air transportation 4) Rail transportation

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