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I am a CEO of SARL "A-FABRIQUE". A-FABRIQUE is the largest manufacturer of wood products for the light industry. Our products comply with EU quality requirements. The range of manufactured kitchen utensils you can see in the catalog. Among the products for the interior can be noted: parquet, floorboard and balusters etc.We also have a group of goods such as pellets, briquettes and firewood of various types of wood. Our production is located in the North Caucasus. Since 2017, we have stores in stores around the world.FMCG-retailers, such as Lenta, Auchan Russia and X5 Retail Group. We are particularly interested in long term working relations. Our company is a Winner of competitions: Retail Week Awards 2018 - The most effective joint project (Winner, in collaboration with Auchan Retail). Retail Week Awards 2018 - The most effective joint project (Winner, together with Auchan Retail).We will be pleased. Looking forward to do business with you. Kind regards, the A-FABRIQUE team.

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