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We offer programs, training and consulting in the field of strategic and financial analysis: -Support of investments We have prepared hundreds of business plans, but our services are not limited to this, we are ready to organize a full cycle of work with banks, funds and investors. - Analysis of markets, including foreign ones. Our special competence is the analysis of complex and non-transparent B2B markets, research for industrial companies, assessment of market prospects for new products.- Software For such frequent tasks as analysis of investment projects or assessment of the financial condition of the company, we have created ready-made software products. - Strategic consulting From concepts and finding solutions to individual problems of business development to the development of a complete company strategy. We have successfully completed dozens of such works. - Financial ModelingWe are constantly engaged in financial modeling, create models of all kinds, and know all about how to make a model an ideal analyst tool. - Training and certification We annually conduct from 50 to 100 trainings and seminars on the topic of strategic analysis and planning - more than anyone in Russia.

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