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The main mission of the company is to provide manufacturers, trade federal and regional networks with affordable and high-quality non-woven materials and products from them NKG Engineering LLC, thanks to qualified personnel having 15 years of experience in the production of nonwovens, is a manufacturer of spunbond, multilayered nonwoven and woven materials field of application, as well as providing services for extrusion lamination andthe duplication of materials, presents its customers with quality products, constantly improving product quality, packaging and delivery to customers on time; Cooperation with the construction industry, furniture, mattresses, the agro-industrial sector, and other products that use spunbond is a priority and direction of our company by ourClients include companies such as PKF Nanoizol, GLOBEX (TD Arkada), Brozex Trading Company Tehnonikol, PK Nika TPK Tsentrplast, Zdravmedtech Association, Galamart Trading Network, TD Sima Land, and etc

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The production technology allows to obtain a material with a surface density of 15 to 125 g / m...
from 2.03 $
PRODUCTION OF SOFT FURNITURE 20 30 g / m 2 NEOSPAN is used as a sliding and separating layer be...
from 2.03 $
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