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Specialists and experts of the non-profit educational institution "Bureau of forensic examinations Kuznetsova A.N." They have many years of experience in conducting audit activities, conducting mandatory and proactive audits, legal and expert support for enterprises in various fields of activity, conducting expert examinations and preparing expert opinions. The main activity of NO CHU "BSE Kuznetsova AN" in accordance with the charter - forensic activity.Director of Non-commercial Educational Institution "BSE Kuznetsova AN" Kuznetsov Alexander Nikolaevich has 20 years of practical experience in auditing, accounting and tax accounting, analysis of financial and economic activities of enterprises, is a forensic expert, a member of NP SRO forensic experts, certified in the field of forensics with the right to independently conduct forensic examinations in the following specializations:17.1 "Study of accounting records in order to establish the presence or absence of distorted data in them" 18.1 "Study of indicators of the financial condition and financial and economic activities of an economic entity". NO CHU "Bureau of forensic expertise Kuznetsova A.N." It offers high-quality judicial financial, economic and accounting, tax examinations of an economic entity in optimal terms.

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