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Anhui Warburg Yin Tie Can Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei Baohe Industrial Zone, west of the Chaohu Lake coast of the beautiful, east 312 State Road Expressway into the airport, convenient transportation and strategic location, to provide our clients with more efficient, Convenient service. The company from Hefei World City, Huayun Printing Co., Ltd. set up independent accounting, independent legal person canning Co., Ltd., the company registered capital of 2 million yuan, 6 million yuan in fixed assets, with all kinds of miscellaneous cans production line 6, all types of More than 80 sets of machinery and equipment, mold 150 sets, specializing in the production of various types of miscellaneous cans factories and enterprises. Company contract system employees 100 people, temporary seasonal workers 40, eight professional and technical personnel. In the production of miscellaneous cans 16 million, the output value of 36 million yuan. Products related to food, medicine, technology, tea, seeds, wine and other industries cans of iron cans, based on product features, customer requirements, strict procurement printing, tin-food grade, environmentally friendly food coating processing. Seventy percent of products exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. FOSSIL the United States has a watch box, handicraft company in Germany box, Siemens outdoor toolbox, Weihai, Shandong, Japan exported cookies, the British company Evita Iron and so on more than a dozen countries. Quality of tinplate procurement Shanghai Baosteel a product, a product code iron production, printing in Shanghai Spring River Printing Company and the East China Huabin Printing Company, to ensure that food, medicine tin green, in line with customer food-grade requirements. The company won the (Corporate Social Responsibility Report) Acceptance (CSR) in 2012. Is the fourth year of integrity through professional certification enterprises. We always adhere to the production principle of high quality, low cost and quasi-delivery, follow the value concept of talent exchange and product creation, and serve domestic and international customers wholeheartedly.

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