Household goods | 26 March 2022

Household goods for bulk purchases - business partner (Moscow/Russia)

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Hooks Napkins, incl. wet, for cleaning Rags, incl. microfiber Sponges, incl. melanin Household chemicals (detergents: for dishes, baths, floors, toilets, etc.) Bath/toilet organizers Tablecloths, incl. liquid glass and disposable Mops, incl. with bucket sprayer, incl. wringer and mop set Clothes brushes Bathroom dispensers, incl. sensor basins Floor brushes, incl. electric gloves (household, construction, latex)Garbage bags (garbage bags) of various sizes Toilet paper Clothes hangers (various materials), incl. multifunctional Brooms Adhesive tape Putties Towels, incl. waffle, bath, etc. Soap, incl. liquid (different sizes) Organizers for clothes Scoops Napkin holders Holders for towels Soap dishes, incl. ceramic, glass, iron Clothes dryers (floor, wall, ceiling, etc.) Bathroom shelves incl. glass, corner, etc.Toothbrushes, incl. electrical Tools, incl. home, car sets Crockery, incl. for cooking Doormats, incl. commercial food containers, incl. for food storage (organization of a place in the refrigerator) Rugs in the bathroom and toilet Plungers Insulating tape, incl. sets Curtains for the bathroom Containers for wounding (cereals) of bulk goods Kitchen shelves, incl. roof rails paper towel holders sponge holder pot lid holdersToilet paper holder reusable Receipt tape Paper towels Sensory waste bins Pill remover Wool/Pill scraper Washcloths Rollers for clothes, incl. removable tapes Mop nozzles, incl. microfiber

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