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Buyers raw materials, petrochemicals, oil and gas products wood, fertilizers, sunflower oil, - business partner (Moscow/Russia)

from 100 000 000.00 ₽
Unit: Ton
from: 200 To: 1000000

Due to established international contacts and business ties, we have the opportunity to supply demanded products from all over the world. We guarantee you the best quality of the products offered: oil, fuel oil, diesel fuel, petrochemicals, broad fraction of light hydrocarbons gas concentrate, fertilizers, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, rare metals, iron ore, rebar, wood, plywood .A wide range of petrochemical products: Polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, Polyvinyl chloride - suspension, Ferromanganese - PVC - Ferrosilicon, Ferroalloys. - electric coal, coal of different fractions, petroleum coke, copper ore, gas, liquefied gas. We will make any products according to your technological needs to order (of steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, tin, titanium and any other metals).We will deliver A4, A3 paper, any paper products, bags of ecological craft to your country. We supply meat, poultry, turkey, fish, sunflower oil, cereals, wheat.

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