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Hefei Yi Xin Measurement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional management weighing instrument sales company, the company mainly engaged in electronic scales, electronic counting scales, electronic scales, electronic crane scale, electronic platform scales, analytical balances, electronic scales, rail scales, handling forklift scale , Waterproof scales, packaging scales, truck scales and other products, the company people-oriented, science and technology. Has a group of long-term engaged in the development of weighing and practical experience of professional technicians, formed a highly professional and pragmatic personnel. Elite blend of products to protect the quality of service. Hefei Yi Xin Measurement Equipment Co., Ltd. products among consumers enjoy a higher status, the company since its inception with a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. Hefei Yi Xin Measurement Equipment Co., Ltd. Distribution of the full range of products, the price is reasonable. Hefei Yi Xin Measurement Equipment Co., Ltd. strength, credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, has won the trust of our customers.

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