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Regionomica LLC is a private consultancy, which is providing services in Business partnership promotion, Economic development and FDI promotion, Cross-border cooperation, Institutional capacity building, Technologies and innovations. Since 2009 the company is implementing a Long-term Integrated Business Partnerships Programme "Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers" to foster cooperation between Russian and European companies, inter alia SMEs. Within the framework of the Programme a unique Russia-Europe "B2B platform" was established, due to which 1,563 Russian and 513 European companies have already conducted 3,287 bilateral negotiations and established business contacts. Thus a trans-European international multisector business communication of SMEs is being developing with companies that have (a) proposals for business cooperation and / or (b) investment projects. Due attention is being paid to promoting business contacts between Russian and European regions. SMEs are being supported in establishing contacts with large firms as well. In 2013, together with the European Commission, the first visit of European SMEs "Mission for Growth to the Russian Federation" led by Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the EC and now the President of the European Parliament, was organized by the Programme. European SMEs are getting advice on establishing business in Russia free of charge. regionomica@regionomica-moscow.ru


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European SMEs are getting advice on establishing business in Russia free of charge. European...


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